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Patriots Corner

Michael A. Allen, PSD
Master, South Carolina
District, DeSoto Province



Worthy Sir Knights,


I would like to congratulate the 45 new Sir Knights, including one priest that were exemplified on September 28th at the Church of the Nativity in Charleston. I want to thank John Sulkowski and his team for another wonderful performance. I still get chills when I hear how blessed I am to be an American Catholic Citizen. I also want to thank the amazing Knights from Council 6250 and Assembly 1071 who made the event flow seamlessly from Mass to exemplification to luncheon. I donít want to take up the whole bulletin thanking the people who helped make the day great, however, there are a few people that I donít want to miss. Joe Teders and Gary Warriner whose hard work and dedication to the day were a real class act. Bob Rooney and Randy Bowers, who filled in for a couple of the exemplars that couldnít make the date. A large thank you to our new Vice Supreme Master, Tom Monahon, I couldnít have survived the day without his support. And of course, our Honoree, my mentor and friend Past State Deputy Richard Gabriel. I couldnít think of anyone who deserves the honor more. I especially would like to thank Fr. Kingsley, Pastor of Nativity for the use of the facilities and Fr. Higgins our Friar for his guidance and fantastic homily. And finally, Sir Knight Mike Williams the District Secretary who made the whole day work like a well-oiled machine. Thank you all! We are working hard at organizing the 81st exemplification in the Columbia area the end of February or early March, look for more information soon.


There are many opportunities for patriotic events around the State of South Carolina, all you need to do is look around. here are (and I canít believe this) unclaimed veterans being buried at our National Cemeteries almost every month. We, all Catholic men 4th degree or not, veteran or not, should never let this happen without a show of support and thanks to these men who have no one left to remember them. One hour out of your day is all it takes and you have an event toward your To Be a Patriot Award plus you have done one of the corporal works of Mercy plus you have done a wonderful thing for a vet who offered up his life for freedom. See how Godís Grace grows exponentially when youíre a Knight.


Wreaths across America is coming up again this December, if you donít know about sponsoring wreaths at the cemeteries, contact me and I will get you the information you need. As always there are veterans both old and young in VA hospitals who need companionship, shoulders to lean on and ears to listen, letís not forget them this Christmas Season.


And the list goes onÖÖÖÖ.Letís continue to be the Patriotic arm of our Great Order! If not us, who? If not now, when?