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This page contains links to many of the important reporting forms your assembly is expected to complete during this year. It has been designed to serve as a ready reference source for the faithful navigator and faithful comptroller providing them with the appropriate report forms to file and the dates that these reporting forms are due at the Supreme Council office.

The report forms listed below are arranged in the order of deadline dates assigned for each report. This date is located in the upper right hand corner of each form. Faithful navigators and faithful comptrollers should review this page often, definitely monthly, to verify that the assembly is filing the reporting forms due during that month. The tab of each page includes the proper mailing address of the Supreme Council office, and the bottom section of each report identifies to whom copies of the report should be sent.


Each assembly is responsible for downloading the reports and sending them to the appropriate officials. IN EVERY INSTANCE, COPIES OF EACH REPORT FORM SHOULD BE KEPT FOR THE ASSEMBLY FILES. 

To download and print the reports, you must have Adobe Reader on your computer.   Click here for the free download of the reader.

NOTE: Any questions concerning the Assembly Report Forms Booklet or the forms themselves should be directed to: Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Services, 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510-3326





Keep Christ In Christmas Poster Contest Participation Form - #5023- due 1/15

Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity - #1728C - due 1/31

RSVP and Plaque Application - #2863A -  due 6/30

Civic Award Application - #2321 -due 6/30

To Be a Patriot Award Entry Form - #TBP-1 - due 6/30

Report of Officers Chosen for the Term - #186 - due 7/1

Annual Assembly Audit Report - #1315 -due 8/1

Keep Christ In Christmas Poster Contest Kit Order Form - #CPC-Kit - due 11/1

Youth Leader - #4348

Survey of Fraternal Activity Individual Member Worksheet - #1728A

Click here for the free download of the reader required to view and print the form..

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